Vechirky at Kramarczuk's discontinued. . .

In fall of 2014, Kramarczuk's -- the Northeast Minneapolis home of our monthly gigs since 2008 -- ended its music series. Their decision to end the series had to do with fees music royalty companies started demanding from Kramarczuk's -- royalties demanded for hosting bands playing mostly folk music! Click to read their statement on the matter.

About Us:

UVB is a Ukrainian roots and Zabava (wedding and event) band. We play both the folk and modern music of ethnic Ukrainians everywhere, as well as music from Ukraine's various ethnic communities.

We currently are:

  • Colleen Bertsch: Violin
  • Ivan Bryn: Bass
  • Stefan Iwaskewycz: Drums
  • Oleksiy Khrystych: Accordion, Vocals
  • John Luciw: Mandolin, Vocals
  • Jim Parker: Guitar, kontra (three-stringed viola used as a rhythm instrument)

  • Members-at-Large: Natalie Nowytski (Bass, Vocals), Zinta Pone (Accordion, Vocals), Kim Salisbury (Violin)

Sample our modern and folk sound!