Vechirky at Kramarczuk's discontinued. . .

In fall of 2014, Kramarczuk's -- the Northeast Minneapolis home of our monthly gigs since 2008 -- ended its music series. Their decision to end the series had to do with fees music royalty companies started demanding from Kramarczuk's -- royalties demanded for hosting bands playing mostly folk music! Click to read their statement on the matter.


Where have you guys been?

Greetings Fans of the Ukrainian Village Band!

Many of you have asked, where have we been of late? The answer is, on sabbatical, of sorts. . .

In fall of 2014, Kramarczuk's -- the home of our monthly gigs since 2008 -- cancelled it's music series. At the same time, we started working through changes in our line up and expanding our repertoire.

Listen to the link below! Two songs by popular performers Dzidzio and Viktor Pavlik sandwich a rendition of Za Dunaj, a traditional we recently added to our rep. . . !

In the meantime, we have continued making music by playing at a few weddings, for a fantastic Malanka (Eastern Orthodox New Year) last winter, at a private party or two, and at several events within our local Ukrainian community.

We will soon be back in full force and playing a regular, monthly gig!

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest!

*There always are several uncomfirmed events in the works, so please check back again!

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