Vechirky at Kramarczuk's discontinued. . .

In fall of 2014, Kramarczuk's -- the Northeast Minneapolis home of our monthly gigs since 2008 -- ended its music series. Their decision to end the series had to do with fees music royalty companies started demanding from Kramarczuk's -- royalties demanded for hosting bands playing mostly folk music! Click to read their statement on the matter.

UVB Contact and Booking Information:

We are one of the newest Zabava or Ukrainian-style Wedding and Polka Bands!

We have played and are available for hire for a wide range of events and will work with you and your budget!

For more information or to book us, please call or write Stefan Iwaskewycz at:


We have played for weddings, zabavy (dances/parties), baptism celebrations, birthday parties, graduation parties, festivals, New Year's Eve and Malanka, etc.

Sample our music!

Polka Medley: Chaban-Oj lopnuv obruch-Pidmanula