Vechirky at Kramarczuk's discontinued. . .

In fall of 2014, Kramarczuk's -- the Northeast Minneapolis home of our monthly gigs since 2008 -- ended its music series. Their decision to end the series had to do with fees music royalty companies started demanding from Kramarczuk's -- royalties demanded for hosting bands playing mostly folk music! Click to read their statement on the matter.

Debut CDs Are Now Available!

The CDs are entitled:

1. Могорич / Mohorych

In Ukrainian society, when someone does someone else a favor, the favor may be repayed with mohorych. What counts as mohorych? A basket of food, a bottle of spirits, a good time with good people. . .like a CD release party! We thank you for your support! See below for song list

2. Вечірка / Vechirka

Vechirka is one of several words in the Ukrainian language for party -- Ukrainian might technically have no word meaning "fun," but it sure has lots for party! From our monthly appearances at Kramarczuk's, to New Year's Eve Balls, private parties, weddings, etc., we've played a lot of parties -- and we hope you will bring the party home with you with one of these CDs! See below for song list

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Могорич / Mohorych:

  1. Коломийка борщівська - А я собі козак лепкий
    (Kolomyjka from Borshchiv - I’m a Handsome Cossack)
  2. Порізала пальчик (I Cut My Finger)
  3. Ой, гарна я, гарна (Oh, I’m So Beautiful)
  4. Червона рожа трояка (Three Red Roses)
  5. А чия то хижа? (Whose House Is That?)
  6. Коломийка Шухевича (Shukhevych’s Kolomyjka)
  7. Ой, чорна я си, чорна (Oh, I’m So Dark)
  8. Ой джигуне, джигуне - Козачок (Hey, Gigolo! - Kozachok)
  9. Ой, на горі два дубки (Two Oaks on a Hill)
  10. Била мене мати (Mother Beat Me)
  11. Ой Марічко, чічері (Hey, Tangled-Hair Maria!)
  12. Гори, гори (Burn, Burn - or - the Wander’s Song)
  13. Чарівна Марічка (Mesmerizing Maria)
  14. 7:40 - Xава нaґіла (7:40 - Hava Nagila)
  15. Гопак - Коломийка попурі (Hopak - Kolomyjka Medley)
  16. Цвіте терен (The Thornbush is Blooming)

Вечірка / Vechirka

  1. Троїста музика (Trojka Music)
  2. Чого ж вода каламутна? (Why is the Water so Murky?)
  3. Як ішов я з Дебречина додому (чорна кура)
    (On My Way Home From Debrechyn / The Black Hen)
  4. Чірчанка (Chirchanka)
  5. Як служив я в пана (When I Worked for the Man)
  6. Поляна, поляна (Field Girl, Field Girl)
  7. Чорні очка як терен (Eyes Black as a Thornbush)
  8. Коломийка львівська (Kolomyjka from Lviv)
  9. Аркан (Arkan)
  10. Мені ворожка ворожила (The Fortuneteller Foretold)
  11. Вечори в Карпатах - Києве мій (Carpathian Nights – My Kyiv)
  12. Іванку, Іванку (Johnny, Johnny)
  13. Марaмарош - Коломийка попурі (Maramarosh - Kolomyjka Medley)

До зустрічі / Until We Meet Again!